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Our co-founders bring together a combined experience of over 30 years in the tourism industry. Pamela Samera and Basil Mapfumo came together with a shared vision to provide the best tour experiences within the Kavango Zambezi Trans-Frontier Conservation Area primarily and Southern Africa in general.

With a combined passion for Conservation and Exceptional tour experiences, we strive to provide the best experiences, while providing the much-needed support for local communities where we operate from.

pamela samera

Pamela Samera, has vast experience as a travel guide, having traversed most of Southern Africa, with over 100 guided tours sfbknfgfdvs;ofknvns;kgqw fggfdbgt adg eqrg sdf v ggr

Basil Mapfumo started his journey at the School of Hospitality & Tourism, before working as a travel consultant for travel companies in Zimbabwe. However, after coming face to face with the harsh realities of deforestation and wildlife poaching a passion was born to help resolve the underlying factors that pushed the community engage in the harmful activities.

Key drivers of poverty, unemployment, and human/wildlife conflict that bedeviled the became the real challenges that needed to be solved. After consultation with the community leaders is was agreed that conservation was the best way to help resolve the challenges.

Lubangwe Wildlife Sancturay was born as a community based conservation project to protect wildlife, while providing the much needed employment for the unemployed youth whose major pre occupation was charcoal making from the indigenous Mopani trees.

Today Basil spends most of his time shaping the future of the Wildlife Sanctuary and engaging in community development projects within the community. These include the Nutri-Schools, Organyika and Metsi-Life programs.


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